Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Body awareness...

....Well I went to the second of my meditation classes last night - I was less tired than the week before, so in theory the session should have been easier.

And it was.

Who knew that the mindfulness of breathing technique was so similar to the technique I use to go to sleep. I think a mid evening power nap is the way forward. I don't think anyone really noticed...

As well as the breathing meditation we did another meditation in which we went down the body focussing on each area in turn. I found this to be really hard going - I wondered if this was because in general I'm pretty aware of my body and so focussing on it didn't require any effort. Plus I'd been tortured earlier that day so I was a bit achey. I suspect that disabled people are in general more aware of their bodies - its been found in research in the US that disabled people are statistically much less likely to have an accident at work than a non disabled person - which is believed to be because disabled people are more aware of the limitations of their bodies.

So folks - how aware of your bodies are you? Would it be hard or easy for you to focus on it?
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