Sunday, March 13, 2005

Moron, electricity... here at the rather slow moving Chirp Mansions I'm still investigating green electricity. I'm loath to swap - its one of those moments when you realise you are the tiniest bit lazy. Hey ho - decisions have not been made yet.

Finding this site was rather exciting then and means I can get cracking on calculating the best option for us using the various variables, cost, ethics and prettyness of the headed paper. Unfortunately A level maths means that those kinds of normal sums are beyond me.

Add some x's though, and I'm all yours.

On visiting the Ancestral Perch last weekend, the pending ethics upgrade of our electricity was discussed with the materfamilias. She quite reasonably asked how it was greener.

I was distracted and said I didn't know. I'm not a great critical thinker unless I'm really really concentrating.

The Doctor said he didn't think it meant different electricity, just differently invested income.

I broadly agreed with that,

But not quickly enough.

Giving The Doc time to suggest it came down different green coloured cables. And for him to think I think this. Just for a second.

(I should have learnt from the infamous Briard incident, really)

Which he thinks is hilarious.

Note to self, Think Before Speaking.
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