Tuesday, March 22, 2005

If music is the food of life...

...what does that make food? is one of the things I ponder when avoiding a food shop. I deflected well tonight - a bit of brief list writing shows that I can stretch out to another four weeks between supermarket shops (with local shop visits, and market trips in between) Hoorah! Even online shopping is pretty darn dull....

I read 'Shopped - The Shocking Power of British Supermarkets' over Christmas - I was already a fortnightly supermarket shopper and decided it was time to go to monthly - and its working pretty well. I was reminded about it yesterday when I read about this online paper which Pewari mentioned on her blog. Its an eye opening book - some of which I knew about and bits of which were news. At the end of the book it helpfully talks about steps you can take to minimize the impact supermarkets have - which were pretty manageable -

Support non-supermarket shopping alternatives wherever you can
Think twice before you shop in a supermarket
Ask yourself if you actually like supermarket shopping
Cut the number of trips you make
Get informed about alternative shopping opportunities
Destroy your loyalty card

She suggests cutting your shopping at supermarkets by 5% - if everyone did that, they might be forced to be more fair.
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