Sunday, March 06, 2005

Equal under the sun...

...this article is interesting laying out the specification for the single equality commission looming for 2007. While I'm really thrilled that all inequalities will now be able to be challenged under the law, I'm not convinced that we're quite ready for a single equality commission. Its not that I think that some are more equal than others, but rather that I think that society needs more persuading in certain areas than others, and that for some groups its more attitudinal, and for others more strategic. Most disability discrimination isn't motivated by hate, and I suspect that most gay and lesbian discrimination probably is. So by putting them all together will they not end up being overshadowed by the righteous might of gender and ethnicity discrimination? Currently, for disability at least the issues are different. Maybe in ten years time it will be the right thing to do - but for now its too soon.
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