Saturday, March 19, 2005

And relax.....

....its been a bit frantic round here of late. I think things are calming down now though. I'm not renowned for being able to relax - more for an ability to do 25 things simultaneously to a mediocre standard. However - as my mojo has been somewhat i n abeyance of late I decided to take action and so I went to the local Buddhist Centre to sign up for some meditation classes. I'd been put off in the past as I had imagined it was about emptying the mind - not a strong point - and relaxing.

So as it was an open day we got to go to a 'taster' session - on which I learnt that it wasn't about emptying the mind but focussing the mind. Now focussing I can do, on my laptop, on some chocolate, on a good book. So hopefully it'll be more me, and I'll be an energised Birdy with loads of energy in the future.

And on a related note - my husband's busy tonight.
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