Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Well bugger me...

...so I'm off work sick, waiting to discover whether or not the achey limbs, headache, light headedness and queasiness is a result of drug interaction or yet another virus, (bets open now fellow bloggers - apparently I'll know tonight if I'm not feeling better) when I read this article and it turns out I'm trendy! Who knew? Really, if you ever met me, or saw me sitting in my lounge in my big slippers and stripy jumper, you'd be hard pressed to find someone less trendy.

I did get to see 'A Very Long Engagement' last week and did rather enjoy it - it was maybe a bit long. I have to say I do quite like the kooky frenchness of it (while accepting that it is to French history what Notting Hill is to multicultural London). I was really surprised, even if I shouldn't have been, that I didn't know the main character was disabled. A brief websearch shows I should have done - I guess it never occurred to me that it might. I thought it was a good portrayal of disability - of course it would have been better if they'd used a disabled actor.

Aah well, I guess I've always wanted to say it - but they love me! They really love me!

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