Saturday, February 19, 2005

Overconsumption... of the hardest things for me about living ethically - or trying to live ethically - is not to over consume. I suspect there are many who spend much much more than me but lets face it, thinking globally, most don't spend anywhere near as much. And I do try to buy ethically, and second hand, and recycle or give to charity shops the things I don't use any more. Plus I appear to give most of my books to my sisters and friends.....

I've managed so far to blog for free - I realise 'free' is a fairly academic distinction when you already own the laptop and pay for the ISP. I've been pleased with the range of blog resources open to me. But I'm starting to get itchy wallet fingers - I covet the look of some of my friends blogs which are in moveable type and others, I discovered via Starbuck that Haloscan only keep my comments for four months unless I pay, and my sitemeter won't tell me which search strings found my blog. I think I'm going to have to hold fast to my principles and learn to code the darn site in a way which appeals, and possibly go over to Blogger commenting which is slightly less frustrating in the number of stages it needs than it used to be. And maybe I don't need to know what search strings people used.

Although that last ones a lie - I mean, what's the likelihood of an un-nosy blogger? And is there any point in being virtuous about not spending money considering the expenditure I've already expended?
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