Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Listing, slightly.

Reasons why I am a Top Quality date;

I never finish my food
You can almost always park
Most tickets to gigs, theatre etc are only one between us
You always have somewhere to hang your coat

The Only Times I have Veto'ed The Doctor

Rabbits are not for keeping in the freezer. You can eat what you like, but we aren't keeping dead ones in the house for meat purposes.
You cannot leave your body to medical research. I do not want some spotty medical student skipping with your intestines.
German shepherds. We are not getting a dog that everyone in the Western world is scared of.
You cannot wear your 'Come on Die Young' Mogwai t-shirt in public. Particularly since you are a laid back pacifist.

The Only Time he has veto'ed me

I will never get a fringe cut, or wear my hair shorter than my shoulders.
I will never wear tights.
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