Saturday, February 19, 2005

In brief...

One of the reasons I like to blog is that I seem to have discovered that I'm better at writing things extremely concisely than I am at writing them at great length. I anticipate this being a tad of an issue as I commence my first essay for the OU next week. I quite like the humour of describing things very briefly - for example that Doves are what Embrace think they sound like, or that Keane are Travis-lite.

And I hate hate hate those sorts of text speak spellings almost as much as I hate Keane.

Went to see 'Sideways' the other day which was ace. I want to be able to describe it in one sentance but it isn't going to be possible - it was too good and too sophisticated for that. Sophisticated in the complex sense. I can't put my finger on what it was that was great - just that there was depth to the characters and the story and there was humour paced with sadness and it was all dealt with in a really delicate way. Plus the two main characters are men in their forties who aren't seen as the butt of all the jokes. Go see it, anyway.
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