Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Butternut bliss...

... I found myself in possession an enormous butternut squash this evening and as I'm at the tail end of my first month of once a month only superamrket shopping (shopping the rest of the time at markets etc) the kitchen was a bit sparse. I decided to make a butternut risotto using this recipe. I've not had great success with BBC recipes before now - they used to have a comedy function where members of the public could put in their recipes in - leading to every search resulting in recipe gems like 'carrot surprise' - which turned out to be a grated carrot and salad cream sandwich. Eugh. But tonight it worked for me. I didn't follow it exactly - shockingly there was no wine in the house and I used sage instead of rosemary, and threw in some frozen peas and feta. But the jury were pretty darn impressed.
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