Saturday, January 15, 2005

Web Accessibility...

...a subject dear to my heart. Pixeldiva writes an excellent post on this.

She writes;

For several obvious and not so obvious reasons, accessibility is very important to me. I don't talk about it much here, which might seem a bit surprising, but when its your job, you need to have some "off" time too.

So why am I breaking that particular personal rule and potentially "outing" myself now?

Because it's important.

Because not enough people know they legally have to do it, and because those that do, all too often can't be bothered doing it properly.

Because the state of the web just isn't good enough, and because when people do make an effort and do something that's particularly impressive it deserves to be brought to the attention of as wide an audience as possible.

Please read her blog and get in touch with your MP. It couldn't be easier - unless you're visually impaired, in which case it couldn't be a lot harder.
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