Monday, January 10, 2005

Today I am... work (not ill or anything, just not working today), wearing my enormous fleecy trousers and favourite pink and silver stripey socks, I have knitting available to me, videos available to me, and a range of books and course materials on hand.

Could it be that my planned laid back day - originally scheduled for 20th December might actually happen? I don't always know what happens to my time - but it seems to operate on a different schedule to everyone else. I do like to be busy - and often am - but if I don't get adequate Birdy time - ie time where I'm in charge and I can footle (ancient Scots word meaning to bumble) around doing reading/laptop/PS2 stuff I am most grumpy and unproductive. A bad combination.

Whistling for Elephants
, by the way, is a really good book.
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