Saturday, January 15, 2005

Thank you...

...all for your great comments on the lentil post. I'm so chuffed that you all took the time that I'm inspired to write a new post.

I'm VERY excited to report that Zinnia tells us that it is possible to get European lentils - I'm going to start hassling my local stores and stalls. (And actually Zin - I have just got into puy lentils - having them tonight with roasted fennel and a green caper sauce - new recipe and I'm very excited).

Sivani wrote a great response to my post reminding me and others of the terrible conditions under which Indian farmers (and I'm sure farmers in other developing countries) work and that if they are not able to sell their products they starve. I always feel very powerless with regard to this and wish there was something I could do - even in terms of just deciding on what my strategy is. Do you continue to buy things on the basis that this way at least money is going into these communities? Do you buy locally to stop taking food away from regions who can afford to see it going overseas least? I know there are other reasons for buying locally. Buying in a way which cuts out the middle man seems a good move - and its one strategy which I follow.
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