Saturday, January 15, 2005

Thai lentil soup...

... Daisy has asked us to post our favourite recipes to our blogs. This is a made up one - a few years ago I decided that I wanted to create the perfect country style lentil soup. The Doctor and countless others suffered through various versions - sometimes using a fork. Until this - not, I hasten to add, traditional country style - or at least not this country - but yummy none the less....


sesame oil
thai seven spice seasoning
red lentils
veg. stock
tin coconut milk
veg - whatever's around - usually courgette and spinach around here.

Heat sesame oil in heavy bottomed sauce pan. Enjoy aroma ideally opening eyes to inspect before smoking occurs.....

Add chopped onion (usually one) garlic (usually three cloves) ginger (about two inches peeled and grated) and half a chilli chopped finely, wiping hands instead of using chair control with chilli on fingers, and doing untold damage to eyes later in the day....

Saute til onions soft. Add large tablespoon thai seven spice seasoning.

Add mug lentils, two mugs stock, one in coconut milk (low fat works fine), stir, simmer and ignore for 15 mins.

Throw in veg. Ignore another 10 mins. Add a bit of black pepper.


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