Wednesday, January 26, 2005


....Now I realise that the point of this blog is to talk about leading a more ethical life, but I feel like talking about something else so I darn well will. Its great to be queen of somewhere.

I spend a lot of time asking for help. I can't move much at all (although I can type like a demon, something I'm very proud of) And yes, that is typing while your skin is green and you have flames coming out of your ears.

I have a theory about help. Its a theory which certainly plays out in my life. I believe that there's only a finite number of times a person can ask for help in a day. Asking for help - even from someone who is paid to provide it - is hard work and requires a certain amount of energy. You have to decide what you want help with, how you want it done and then ask - as politely as appropriate - for the task to be done. Now when you need to do that when you want to blow your nose, that takes energy.

But it is just a fact of life, and assistance is necessary in order for me to do all the things I love to do - so its a easy choice to make.

But it also means, that if people don't listen, or trust that I mean what I say, or try to remember or concentrate then it drains all my energy.

Welcome back, Lovely Local PA.
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