Saturday, January 01, 2005

Armchair philosophy...

Its not often that the Vicar of Dibley is inspirational - funny, always but inspirational less so. Tonight's episode used its humour to make an important point about the levels of poverty in the world, and the levels of ignorance about the political process - specifically in the UK but I'll bet it is more of a universal problem. In the programme all the parishioners believed Margaret Thatcher was still our Prime Minister - it was handled with great humour but the point was there.

Anyway - this episode talks about ending poverty and Live Aid 20 (remind us, of course, but leave the flippin' song alone) and refers to this website. Dawn French's character (and the website) reminds us that 30,000 people die a day due to poverty.



a day.

The numbers killed in the tsunami are tragic and awful and heartbreaking. We (bloggers, my friends and colleagues, the worlds media) are right to be making so much of it. In doing so, lets find a way of remembering the other continuing tragedies in the world. I'm not sure how though.
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