Friday, December 24, 2004

Where oh where have I been?..

...well the great idea I had of putting up photos of all the things I've been up to has ground unceremonially to a halt due to the temporary incapacity of The Doctors digital camera.

So... in place of that.... This week I have mostly been preparing for Christmas, amazingly enough. I think I'm all ready now - although have to change one of The Doctors pressies as I accidentally got it in the girly flavour. Almost, but not quite as bad as the time I sprayed him with Eternity for women (thinking it was Eternity for men) and he had to wander all round Brighton smelling like a girl. A sophisticated, glamorous girl, but I don't think it was much consolation at the time.

Have a happy time over the next few days - whatever your family traditions, and a wonderful joyful 2005!
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