Tuesday, December 07, 2004


..Now normal isn't a word I like to use very often. I do like to embrace variety - but its amazing how easy it is to think of some things as 'normal' - or rather 'standard'. 'Average', perhaps is a better word.

So I asked my colleague, who's a lover of 'nice' things about where to get good crackers today, and she made one or two suggestions. I said I was thinking of going up to £20 - which is much more than I'd usually spend, but its our first married Christmas at home, and we're entertaining The Doctors parents. She showed me the ones her family have. From Fortnum and Mason.

At £95.

For six.

I had no idea it was even possible to get crackers for £95.

Later, I was wrapping a couple of presents and ask Uncommunicative Temp PA to cut some paper. To cut down the paper, as I didn't want loads of layers on as a) papers expensive and b) its a waste - actually that's the same reason. She looked at me like I was insane. Why would you use more than you need? I occasionally have generous borders but....

Never assume, I guess the answer is...

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