Thursday, December 16, 2004


At work, after a meeting regarding fire evacuation and disabled people, I was approached by someone from the Birdyville Museum. She asked me if I'd come to a party come training event where disabled people would take groups of frontline staff around the museum. I really like the museum and thought this sounded like fun.

So dates etc were agreed and she then said;

Of course this is like training, only better as staff get to see the problems.

To which I was a bit lost for words. Which is unusual for me.

I was speechless because;

a) it isn't better than training. All an event like the one above will do is make the staff realise the barriers that specific disabled people have when visiting the museum. So if they are going round with a visually impaired person they could easily end up thinking that ALL people with visual impairments would have the same problem
b) I did their training. Twice. And got great feedback from those attending.
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