Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Cars.. in all seriousness.... reason I didn't post more before Christmas is because I was tied up with buying a new car. And as I blog about doing the right thing and so on - it didn't seem to be something I could avoid writing about.

I'm not all that comfortable with us having two cars. I genuinely think that were I not a wheelie (the technical term, don'tcha know) we wouldn't have two cars. As things stand - we don't think we can make it work. Partly because wheelchair accessible transport is not exactly reliable round here, and partly because The Doctor needs to be able to dig me out of the doodoo when things go wrong. Even with the best laid plans at least once or twice a year he has to come - quickly - and sort me out.

I'm a proper crip me. Not only do I use a wheelchair - I use a big wheelchair and stay in it in the car. So its hard to make too many economies of size or scale. The new van does have a smaller engine than my old one, and I chose the model with the lowest CO2 emissions. Its new enough to hopefully be reliable and reasonably efficient, yet not brand new. I occassionally wake up in the middle of the night and wonder whether it would be better to not have my vehicle and to use public transport and just protest its inacecssibility. I wonder whether I'm a wuss for not using the Park and Ride bus (the one accessible bus route in Birdyville) on work days, even though the bus stop is a 20 minute walk (depending on my PA's legs) away. I defend my actions by thinking of all the people who drive shorter distances more frequently than I do. But I might be making excuses.
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