Saturday, December 11, 2004

Boys and toys..

... it seems that The Doctors Secret Santa has bought him another shooting device. To call it a gun is somewhat excessive - it looks like a stapler and shoots rubber rings. Plus, to The Doctor's enormous joy, it makes machine gun noises.

So, to his Secret Santa, on the wildest off chance that you are reading this. Why, why do you hate me? Fortunately - for me - it doesn't work (sorry love)

Secondly was it you who got him the sucker gun (looks like a water pistol, but shoots little plastic tubes with suckers on the end) for a wedding present. The look of joy on his face as he leapt into the house that night, as I sat, hepped up on copydex, elbow deep in glitter, assembling orders of ceremony apparently was priceless. The look on my face, particularly when he discovered the suckers stuck well to the plastic backing on my wheelchair was somewhat less appealling. He was lucky I'd made the stationary...
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