Thursday, November 11, 2004

Two questions...

As I'm finally feeling a bit better - I've tackled my emails... A friend who's doing a Master's in International Development asked me these questions....

1) What does the word 'development' mean to you from a personal point of view, in terms of your own personal development?
I think it means to improve and enhance. I always think for me its about moving forwards - not necessarily rejecting the past but just continuing on a journey. I think that continuing development is how to be happy, that staying still isn't really possible or desirable. I don't necessarily think of this as improvement - more as a new phase.

2) What does the word 'development' mean to you in terms of your country or in international terms or in terms of some country you know?
Whenever I think of development in this context I always think of improvement - perhaps as I'm critical of most governments. I don't in either case consider development a rejection of history more a way of using the experiences of the past to enhance future endeavours. I always think of development in terms of co-operative venture rather than as an imposition.

Now these are my first thoughts - but these are good questions.

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