Monday, November 22, 2004

Six degrees of blogging...

... I came across Daddy, Pappa and Me via The Republic of T the other day - and not only is it an endearing read - the story of a gay couple and their adopting of their child, but they wrote this fantastic game;

1. write a link to where you read about the game
2. go back to your blog, click on any random link on your blogroll, perferably one you haven't read in a while.
3. then click on a link on their blogroll, one you haven't read before.
4. then do this 4 more times, clicking on a link on the next blog's blogroll
4a (if the next blog doesn't have a blog roll, go back and try again).
5. Then post the new link you found (no matter what you found :)
6. and trackback (if it exists) to the blog you read about this game on

Well I check all my blogroll fairly regularly - but here goes.... I'm going to start with Smitten, who takes me to Maura - who's blog you can change the colour of? How cool is that? I'm using a strategy where the next blog starts with the last letter of the blog I'm on - so that takes me to which is the first site I've ever seen with a .nu suffix - and has some amazing photos which I don't have time to look at properly before heading onto Apparently Nothing - no links starting with a 'u' - plus I get to hum the 80's hit 'Apparently Nothing' - and I will not be able to sleep as I can't remember who sang it, dammit.

From there I go to Hopelessly Devoted - to keep with the song theme. There are lots of amazing photos here - and not a lot of links. For my last link - I choose Flying Shark - more beautiful piccies although I wish I knew where they were taken. Although perhaps I'm not meant to and that's the point. I really like her A to Z page.
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