Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Pick an issue, any issue...

...in last week's Big Issue, George Monbiot suggested that the way to create permanent change in society was for all concerned to pick an issue and focus on that.

Its quite a different approach to that which I've always aimed for - which is basically doing a bit towards all my principles. I do find they are occassionally conflicting - in particular in the area of economics which I find unutterably confusing.

I don't actually know which of my concerns is actually of most concern. By day obviously I work on disability. Probably my biggest concern is war - I'm an out and out pacifist. And of course the direct consequence of war is poverty - so that too. And obviously - I could go on and on. Plus they all feed into each other and I don't know how you'd focus on one issue only.

I'm trying to put together a post on economic injustice and I'm struggling. But to me that's a good example of how many issues combine to disastrous effect. So which issue to start with - and is this the right thing to do?

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