Friday, November 19, 2004

November is the cruellest month..

..I'd love to know what other's writing processes are in the construction of their blog posts. I always just write as a stream of consciousness - and think my best posts are ones where I don't think about them for too long - and just go for it. Today was a bit of a struggle - but I determinedly posted as I want to keep the discipline going. Every November something horrible happens to The Doctor and I - and we're still reeling a bit from this year. One of The Doc's close friends has been suddenly very ill and as a consequence has had to have a very serious op. He's on the mend now, thank goodness, but its been horrendous and there will be consequences. Plus I have had a relief assistant who has had difficulties giving me the help I've needed so I've had to ask the agency to replace her before one of us gets hurt. I know its the sensible thing to do - and she's taken it very well despite my worrying. Still, at least this year I've not landed myself in hospital and no-one has died. I wish there was a way of stopping this happening - its not even though I thought about it in advance of this horrible week.

Bear with me - normal service will be resumed shortly!
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