Wednesday, November 10, 2004


.... I do quite like Blogger, actually but I wish there was a way of having other pages, such as a cast page linked to it without having to have my own domain.

I realised last night that my last post only mentioned my sisters cute points. They do have lots and lots of cute points, I must say. But it didn't mention how they used their superpowers for evil. Which they did.

When they were about 18 months old, they learnt to climb out of their high chairs, carry one between the two of them, and then use it to wreak evil. Like locking their mother out of the house. Or eating my packed lunch before I left for school. In my biped but unsteady days they also used to creep up behind me and whack me in my knee pits...

It occurred to me also that I may be doing The Doctor a disservice by calling him The Doctor. He's at pains to point out that although he is a scientist, and a possessor of a PhD he is not and will never be a clinician. Much more in the Dr Who vein.

When we first met he wowed the socks off me by telling me he was doing a zoology PhD. How was I to know this covered intestinal parasites in fish?
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