Sunday, November 07, 2004

Has anyone...

... seen my brain? I definitely had it a week or two ago.

Sometimes, it seems, I just feel ill. It seems to be directly related to episodes of my whizzing about like a blue posteriored insect, and usually means I have an upset stomach, get very cold, woozy headed and ache a lot.

While we are talking about aching, a pox on all the doc's I've seen over the years to whom I've mentioned acheyness (yes its a word) who have suggested that 'people like me' don't experience pain. What they mean is that it might not be associated with the disease affecting my muscles. It mightn't. But phrases like that don't make an uncomfortably achey woman happy.

So I felt dreadful most of last week - tried to do normal sorts of things on two days, felt ill again and then had my flu jab. Which even on the best of days is not a highlight of my year.

I really hate being ill, particularly non-specific achy kind of ill, particularly when you realise too late you should have slowed up completely for a while rather than try to go back to work. I also end up watching too much TV. I actually like watching TV, and probably watch a fair bit (while pursuing some sort of crafty activity) but I never watch it aimlessly, I always want to watch whatever is on. But when I am ill, particularly when my arms are uncomfortable, and consequently crafty stuff is out the window, I end up watching any old rubbish, and browsing websites which are the online equivalent of 'Trisha'.

I don't watch 'Trisha', obviously. No matter how ill I get.
And then I get woolly headed some more, and start to fret and feel agitated at the state of the world.

Anyway. I still feel dreadful. I do have some ideas for less self-indulgent posts (although I suspect posting in an online diary made available to the world and their non gender specific life partner isn't exactly self indulgence free) - so please bear with me.

I'm usually a pretty positive, happy sort of camper. When I was online dating, or searching for The Doctor, as I like to put it, there were only five things I was open about not liking (after civil war, poverty, capital punishment and so on)

In no particular order;

The colour orange
Jim Carrey (except in The Truman Show and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)
Eddie Murphy (except in Bowfinger)

So apart from those things, I'm a nice person really.
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