Monday, October 11, 2004


...the film that is.... I went to see it this afternoon with Lovely Local PA - I'm a big fan of the girlie rom-com genre. My synapses weren't over busy, but I was very entertained.

At the end of the film - and I'm sure I'm not giving too much away - the hero wins Wimbledon. Now I'm renowned for not seeing the point of sport - in particular organised sport. I don't have any strong feelings for banning it or anything, it just doesn't interest me. It interests others - fine - just not me. I was amazed around the time of the World Cup that even others who never watch football were scolding me for not having watched it.

However - at the end of the film when the hero was winning Wimbledon I was on the edge of my seat with anticipation - even though I knew exactly how the film would end - before I even went to the film. I think it was because the hero was a Nice Young Man and soI was rooting for him. I began to almost understand the way that people feel about football.
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