Friday, October 08, 2004

The whole worlds upside down...

... Lovely Local PA is back in circulation after her most recent jaunt - and we celebrated in traditional style - shopping and lunch. I live in an ancient University town - the sort of place where you tell other wheelchair users and they immediately start to take the piss. I really like living here, and accept that some access 'challenges' come with the uneven and oft cobbled territory.

So a new branch of NoaNoa has opened, complete with enormous step. I am in love with this cardigan, which I am utterly convinced is the answer to, quite frankly, everything. So Lovely Local PA goes in to ask about catalogues and websites, and to point out that enormous steps are incompatible with wheelchair access. Lovely Local PA is good at this - she's been my PA for some time now, and is a feisty sort of bird.

I can't tell you how funny it is then, that the shop manager was positively insulted that we'd asked, as OF COURSE there was a ramp which they would put out for us. Didn't we know that there was a law mandating access?

I'm going to buy a whole outfit, and laugh a lot. For a while.
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