Friday, October 15, 2004

Thoughts for the day..

...I started listening to Radio 2 when I got engaged and realised I no longer needed to even try to be a trendy young thing. I do think its a great way to start the day, and really enjoy the 'Thought for the Day'.This is two minutes at about 9.15am where a celebrant/cleric of a range of traditions/faiths speaks briefly about a relevant issue based in their own tradition. I'm always really moved by it, even though I have frustrations with a lot of organised religion.

Today was a RC priest talking about the upcoming US elections. He was talking about the problem the Republicans have separating church and state, and how some Republicans are suggesting that voting Democrat is a sin because of their position on abortion and gay marriage. The priest made an excellent point which was that while those things may be against Christian teaching (yes pop pickers he actually said 'may') going to war, and sanctioning capital punishment undoubtedly are.

The other great thing about these little 'thoughts' is that all the clerics/celebrants involved are all tolerant of each other and each others views. Its a top way to start the day!
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