Tuesday, October 12, 2004

So I checked my recommendations...

... and they are fine. Phew. Amazon must be used to editing out the 'books bought for fathers in law' choices. However, I'd rather not have known about this four pack of Janet Evanovich books which is slightly cheaper than buying them individually. Still, I got the fourth in the series in the local Oxfam bookshop today - so pleased about that.

It was £4 - so a bit cheaper than having bought it in Waterstones down the road, but barely cheaper than getting it from Amazon. Which suits me fine - I get to give money to charity, and I get to take a book home. Result. I get really fed up with people complaining that stuff which isn't tat, and is reusable isn't jumble sale prices in charity shops. Why should it be? Isn't a charity shop a better place to break the £2.75 stranglehold than another shop? Won't you get just as much use out of the item? And I'm talking about prices which are considerably less than in the main shops.

I'm logical about my dislike of complaints about prices, and of course I'm right *big wink* The other irritation I have is with people who buy cheaply from charity shops and then sell things on for lots of money. I don't quite know why this bugs me so much but I'm sure its Not Quite Right.
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