Sunday, October 31, 2004

Scary scary people...

... and I'm not just talking about the 17 year olds who tried trick or treating round here last year. John Sulston, who is quoted in the Sunday Times saying that disabled people should not have children if they have a condition which is heritable. I can't link to the article, as that newspaper doesn't allow you to - but a quick search anytime before next Sunday will find it.

This joker, who until about five minutes ago The Doctor held in high esteem, goes on to say;

...."I would say if we can select children who are not going
to be severely disadvantaged then we should do so but I think it has to be
done by voluntary choice....."If we can alleviate suffering by any means, that is a
good thing. This is one area where we can do so. I would like to do that but
it has to be a matter of choice by the parent."...

Well thanks for giving me the choice not to hate myself so much I don't want to be recreated in my children.

Its a reasonable article - with two articulate voices against. I don't normally read that paper, but was sent it and was also frustrated that the article was inspired by the fact John Sulston is going to be interviewed on BBC4, and espouses these views there.

So depressing. Have sent out for chocolate.

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