Sunday, October 03, 2004

Random Acts of Kindness...

... well its now two months since I read Join Me and Soliloquist has reminded me about Random Acts of Kindness. The thrust of the books (and websites) philosophy is that you a) Join Danny Wallace and b) carry out a Random Act of Kindness each Friday.

I quite like joining things, and certainly Join Me seems to be mostly motivated by the fact that Acts of Kindness are a Good Thing, and that sometimes in this world its easy to forget to be nice to another person for no reason. I haven't joined yet, partly because Danny Wallace is a bit dishy, and passport photos of me are dreadful, and partly because I wasn't quite sure I was up to the regular acts of selflessness.

After reading the book I did OK for the first two Fridays - paying the excess postage on someones parcel, and buying cakes for the whole office. But now I keep forgetting - I do occassionally do a nice thing on another day, on a purely recreational basis.

So do I join - would that help me remember? I like the idea of being part of a big movement for good in the world - even if its origins were an experiment in its leaders mind. Seems sad it has to come to this though.
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