Wednesday, October 20, 2004


... so I was meant to be going to London to a half day course on e learning in two weeks time. I've known about the course for three weeks, which is how long its taken me to find out whether or not the venue had access. As soon as I knew about the course, I let the organisers know I needed access and was interested, and yet today, when I finally enrolled, they told me there were no places left. Also, that the fact I needed to bring my PA apparently caused them problems with the room.

Seething? I think so. After all, surely the course organisers should have known about the access when I first got in touch, and I couldn't have booked before knowing about it. Plus on occasion, people need to bring PA's. Now I don't even want to go on the course - but I'm going to write a stern letter none the less.

When I started this blog I wasn't absolutely sure I wanted to talk about my disability - after all its an inescapable fact off line and I did think about not mentioning it - but I decided I wouldn't be true to myself, or able to think of enough to write about. This course was not a disability course and of course, wasn't organised to include disabled people. Periodically I review whether or not working in disability is the right thing to do - and I remember that when you have a significant disability you always end up working in disability - whether you want to or not.
It took a lot of Waitrose caramelised onion and feta pizza to get me in a good mood tonight....

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