Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Fathers rights...

... I watched a documentary last night about fathers rights, and its certainly stayed with me since. I was really hoping that someone else would start the ball rolling, but so far I've not seen anything about it on any blogs.

I think that on balance Bob Geldof is a good bloke, and that this documentary, as with most, is biased. I'm an unashamed feminist and believe that many laws favour men over women (not all) and really know little about family law. The programme did make me believe though that there was something wrong with this system though. But what struck me most is that some of the adults involved - of both genders - feel having their own way is more important than being a parent. Parents shouldn't be doormats - but surely there's a shift in focus when the child is young? I'm not a parent - nor particularly likely to be one so I may be speaking out of turn. I'm mostly just musing - and interested in others views.
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