Friday, October 01, 2004

The DDA...

... Disability Discrimination Act is now fully implemented in terms of accessing goods and services.

From today, all buildings from which services to the public are delivered should be accessible to disabled people, a thought that would make me jump for joy if I believed that for one moment it had actually happened.

I live in an old cobbly city which is never going to be 100% accessible, and that I'm happy with. There does need to be a balance between maintaining history and accommodating use. But in general, it isn't the historical buildings that present the problems - but those where no thought has gone into their design. Only a fairly small amount of consideration is required to make a building accessible, but if it isn't given, then the consequences are bad news.

I went shopping this afternoon to test out the access, and still couldn't get into the usual places. And the parking is being gradually eroded - before the implementation of accessible buses, of course.

Its a great day for disabled people - for all people, in fact. I just wish that it was seen as a benefit rather than a burden to all people - just like when the legislation first came on stream - the media is not entirely on board.

Bloggers are though - I think that means we have our priorities right.
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