Sunday, October 31, 2004

Bodies beautiful...

..Its been suggested by those close to me that I watch too much TV. Clearly this is something his Doctoriness is wrong about, but there you go. Had to happen sooner or later.

However, my Will and Grace - a - thons are losing their glow when every cotton pickin' minute there's a trail for either 'Extreme Makeovers' or 'The Swan'. I'm not linking to either - don't want to put you through it. Suffice to say, they are makeover shows in which the makeover includes plastic surgery.

I don't even know where to start with this. How is it right to encourage people to mutilate their bodies? I watched the beginning of 'Extreme Makeovers' once and saw this poor woman who needed a makeover - in her view - because of her teeth and skin - which as she said, were dreadful as she didn't eat properly or go to the dentist for 20 years while she was caring for her disabled husband and couldn't afford it. How is a load of plastic surgery going to solve that?

Why do we hate our bodies so much? Is it as simple as the images in the media? Or is it the pull of instant gratification which people would rather opt for rather than, you know, eating a bit of veg, and walking occasionally? In The Swan they actually compete with each other. I could cry.

I'm not entirely happy with my body - the enormous scar when my nearly cancerous thyroid was taken out I could do without, and being able to move just a bit would be fab. I could do with being a bit slimmer, and I'm not keen on all this chin hair I've acquired since turning 30, pesky hormones. I'm even doing something about that. I do wear nice clothes (I hope) and get through gallons of the Body Shop glossing shampoo to make the barnet better.

I don't know how to make people feel happier with their bodies, but I don't think plastic surgery makes them happier. I do know though that programmes like these are not right. Not sure if banning them is the answer, but how can the demand be reduced?
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