Thursday, September 02, 2004

Strange goings on

So this week has been a slightly eccentric one so far, and its only Thursday. Many things have happened which have made me howl with mirth - including finding a skeleton in a library and being asked - sincerely - how a mule might be used to assist disabled students/visitors.

Apparently, according to The Doctor its quite common for undergraduate libraries to have a skeleton in them; and it isn't necessarily the remains of an over zealous post doc. They are used by undergraduate medical students. Booking out an arm from a library does still make me smile.

The mule, thankfully is a little tractor kind of things and as such an excellent way of avoiding the gravel abundant in some of the historical parts of this University. And not, thankfully a device rewarded by carrots.

And tonight I'm getting together with friends to read Henry IVth -which I have yet to read. Its all my fault - I suggested reading 'The Last Family in England' by Matt Haig to my book group - as the book is told from the perspective of the family dog - and it then turned out to be based on Henry IVth. I like Shakespeare - but I wouldn't say I understood it. All offers of help gratefully recieved...

Now fingers crossed this gets online - I have used the new fangled ''blog this'....
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