Sunday, September 26, 2004

Motorcycle Diaries...

Aftermuch rearranging, a fair bit of sitting collapsed in the lounge and refusing to go out, and a very very long first day back at work we finally got to see 'The Motorcycle Diaries'. I freely admit to not knowing an awful lot about Che Guevara and I was pleased to know a bit more. The cinematography was amazing, and two and a half hours of gazing at Gael Garcia Bernal is no great hardship. I had expected it to be more worthy, and less funny.

The Doctor is a perceptive chap, its one of my favourite things about him. His main observation about the film, once he'd commented on the climb inspiring nature of the scenery was that the film doesn't really focus that much on the social injustice Guevara observed on the trip. The disparity of wealth was certainly shown, and it certainly moved me, but it requires a leap of faith on the part of the viewer to see how Guevara got from an existing interest in human welfare to the all encompassing desire to change things which took over the rest of his life. The scenarios shown were ones which were familiar to me - tales of displacement, poverty and racisim - tales which are true all over the world at present. And it isn't clear why Guevara did what he did. Just seeing the fictionalised situations made me feel desperate about the lives some are forced to lead, but other than an urge to learn more about South America I don't feel inspired to give up my entire life and campaign for change. Would a radical espousal of western values and lifestyle help? What would I even start to write to my MP about?

So I'll contiue to do the best I can to do the right thing, even when it isn't the easiest thing. I'll make sure I watch the next film on Che Guevara (and encourage others to do so) I sometimes think the world has gone so far the wrong way there's no going back.
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