Monday, September 06, 2004

Hiding from the telephone..

I like to think of myself as reasonably well socialised but I do really hate using the telephone - I think its because I worry about making an idiot of myself - a frequent pasttime - and not having any record of whatever I said.

I usually manage to do all my transactions online or face to face but have reached the point where I must grab the whatchamacallit by the whatsit and make two calls for work. To people who are eminently reasonable but just hard to meet up with/email for good reason.

Email is the one for me. You can write them when you feel like it, read them when you feel like it, there's no having to be polite when you really need the loo issue. You are never taken by surprise (or rarely, at least) and you can be sure you are saying what you want to. Plus if you are me you usually have your diary to hand when you need to. All in all a much more satisfactory arrangement. I met The Doctor online and we got to know each other solely via email - although did meet eventually (after a month). One of my sisters did wonder whether those indulging in online dating did meet at all... Much better than previous telephone based dating disasters.

I do like talking though - more to some than others. Its just that pesky telephone gets in the way.
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