Saturday, September 04, 2004

Doing the wrong thing

I managed to make a bit of an idiot of myself when I went to see the Titan Arum on Friday. Now I often make a bit of an idiot of myself, so this is not in itself news. But I am still annoyed about this one.

As I wandered back through the gardens to the Batmobile, I noticed a family with beautiful children, running about generally looking cute and beautiful. One of them, a little girl, had achondroplasia, a genetic disability in which, among other things, arms and legs do not grow to the same scale as the head and torso, so the person ends up very short. And because this was such a cute happy little girl I looked at her a bit too long, because I was thinking I hope she always looks like that, and isn't put through pointless surgery to make her into a normal, as can be done.

Unfortunately her mother saw me staring, and justifiably glowered at me. I'm sure she couldn't imagine I was staring at her daughter for any reason other than voyeurism, just as I would never imagine anyone was staring at me for any other reason than crip inquisitivity (its a word)

Which is sad.
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