Friday, September 24, 2004


Where, pray has this week got to? I thought I'd only just posted, and I check today and its been six days! What happened there?

So I went to London on Tuesday, and I Travelled By Public Transport. Yes really. I had planned this trip specifically to learn how to use buses - I'd heard they were accessible (tho' not quite believed it) and decided to get my head round it. The day before, I logged onto this site (thank you Ken) and sorted out my route. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I arranged a wheelchair accessible trip without contacting a specialist travel organisation.

And it worked. The train company provided reamps on and off and the hardest part of the whole experience was finding the bus stop at Kings Cross. Admittedly, the wheelchair space being halfway down the bus meant a certain degree of assertion was required to be sure that the ramp was used at the right stop. For assertion - read hollering. Fortunately the whole bus joined in.

So after the excitement of the bus the British Museum and an amazing Indian restaurant called Mela were not quite as big a deal. And that was one cool mummy and I refuse now to go to any Indian restaurant not serving tandoori pineapple. Beyond yummy.

I'm not sure how well I can explain how exciting it is to use public transport. I use the bus here now and again (now and again because there is only one route here with wheelchair access), but there is still a thrill when I'm travelling with everyone else. I live fairly close to London, but heading down there always seemed like such a trial, not to mention so expensive when travelling by taxi. But now - I'm FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!
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