Friday, August 13, 2004

Some weeks..

... are just less interesting than others I've found - or perhaps its me? I really did mean to blog every day this week, but couldn't think of anything to write about. I think I may have had the blues - it happens to us all from time to time. Might have been a bit of come down after our anniversary shenanigans, might have been a bit of an energy dip as I have yet another new PA. She's very nice, and terrifyingly competent, but its always a bit of an upheaval. I don't often have to have that many new assistants, people do tend to stop around here. But my beloved Floaty Scatty PA put herself in hospital a few weeks ago with burns, (horrendous accident rather than self inflicted) and so I have gaps to fill in the rota. It takes an enormous amount of energy to explain every detail of your life to another human being.

I also have the blues as I have just a little spare time at present and haven't quite found the best use for it. So far all the social conscience type organisations I've approached all meet in inaccessible locations, and I'd sort of decided I didn't want to go back on the management committee of an organisation. I feel I'd like to do something which contributed to the world a bit more - hopefully my job does a bit. Like Lisa, sometimes I also feel a bit short of local people to go out and about with. I have some really wonderful friends, but few who live close at hand.

Blimey - this wasn't meant to be a whinge. Normal service will be resumed shortly...
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