Saturday, August 07, 2004

Some days...

Are less dynamic than others. I'm reading 'The Bitch in the House' at the moment - which I'm working on a rant about and that does make me reflect on the fact that actually, I quite like being a wife. Anyway.

So today I popped into town and have otherwise been pottering about on the computer playing my new CSI game. Which, incidentally, is ace. I'm not sure there is any such thing as too much CSI. I know, its not exactly challenging, or intellectual, but it makes me happy.

My tip for today is to make the grilled mozzarella salad here. Twas absolutely yummy, and frankly, the low fat mozzarella tasted the same as the fat stuff. And doing it my way, which involves reading the recipe a week ago, losing it, forgetting to read it in advance and grilling strips of courgette rather than using olives is even better.

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