Friday, August 06, 2004

How exciting!

I had an e mail today from the lovely Zinnia Cyclamen (what a great name!) over at Real E Fun. Probably one of my favourite blogs, and I only heard from her today! Really great stuff.

She asked me to promote a website/petition regarding assisted dying/euthanasia. Now those of you who are regular viewers (just writing that makes me giggle...) know that I'm not a huge fan - mostly, because I don't think that societies conditions are such to support such legislation, and I definitely don't think this government is up to the task. But she strikes me as a good person so make of it what you will. This is a good site though - it makes it very clear its talking about intellectually competent people in the very last stages of life, and not those who are just old. It still mentions a nurse who sat with someone with MS while they committed suicide - is MS terminal? I didn't think it was, although I can almost imagine how someone with very poor support, and no access to beta interferon because the government would rather go to war might think that way.
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