Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Busy, Busy, Busy....

...to be said in an Alan Davies style reminiscent of his performance in 'Live at the Lyric'.

I've been at work today catching up with all the reading in my inbox - having changed everything back to white from pruple I seem to have upset my security settings so half the web won't load. Fixing this is beyond me - I'm going to have to ask The Doctor at somes point. Hopefully we're off to see either Farenheit 911 or Spiderman 2 tonight - The Doctor in keeping with many a geeky scientist fancies himself as a Spidermanesque character. Suits me fine.

Currently reading Join Me by Danny Wallace - hilarious in a laughing out loud in public kind of a way. I'm tempted to join him - I like his style. Bit worried about the Random Acts of Kindness though - speaking as one who was not allowed to join the Brownies as a child as her mother thought she would not be able to do a good deed every day.
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