Thursday, August 05, 2004

Bloody doctors...

Now I have many rants about doctors (although I have one fewer now that Dr Girlfriend has passed her exams! Woo hoo! Get ill in Birmingham!) but now, thanks to Professor Carol Black in the Royal College of Physicians, I have a new one.

When I read this and this in the Guardian, where she comments that the increase in women in medicine will mean the profession will lose credibility, my blood pressure rises to dangerous levels. I ought to give the woman a break, I guess as she may have been misquoted, or at least I hope she has. But the fact that there is still a suggestion that a woman dominated profession (and as an aside, I don't believe medicine will ever be a woman dominated profession) would be a bad thing, is even more frustrating.

I guess on one level I'm all for the power of doctors being made more manageable. Lots of doctors in the UK have or act as though they have far too much power, and certainly its time for medicine in my opinion to start to be more of a partnership between all involved. A new way of working, if that's what needed to accommodate women - or anyone who wants any kind of life away from the hospital/clinic can only benefit all involved.

It turns out of course that that isn't what she meant - goodness - the media twisting words? Never. If society is still marginalising women - and it is - perhaps the media should have more of a role in changing that?
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