Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Miami vices

Miami was one of the best holidays we've ever had.  It is a really beautiful place, the art deco is just beautiful and the weather is amazing. Some people were a bit offish - not unlike being in Scotland or Wales where not everyone welcomes outsiders.  Its very easy for me to get about, and we'll be going back. When we've saved up quite a lot.

Trouble is though, that the entire trip is a bit of an environmental hiccup. During the conference, when I was in the hotel, the air conditioning was so fierce I had to wear my woollies to keep warm. More clothes than in the UK for sure. It seems so wasteful.  The hotel did have a policy of 'only' changing your sheets every 3 days (I get our sheets changed weekly, only because otherwise I'd forget and lose track). Plus people drive everywhere - because it is so easy which is long term catastrophic I should think. And the plane.... I can't remember the environmental statistics for the plane, but its pretty damning.

So what to do. Is going the right thing to do? Well I went for the conference, which was about inclusive education, which is a good thing and I learnt lots from it, and hopefully people learnt from me. The keynote speaker was amazing, and it was good to focus in on the issues when on a usual day you are busy busy busy. So hopefully, on balance, going was the right thing. Going back though, is that behaving in a selfish way? Or does it balance out well in terms of other righteousness? Don't know.

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