Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Holiday funnies..

So onto the humour........

On being asked for a tip by the rudest man ever who had been sent to help me off the plane, who had done the minimum to help me, and returned my manual chair to me in pieces - the wrong kind of pieces -
Me: My tip would be to deliver the service properly, actually.

Actually, I gave him a quid and my bottom lip wobbled. I've never had my chair busted by an airline before, so I guess I'm a new member of a club of irritated wheelies.  Coming back, I was assertive and my chair stayed in the cabin. It turns out that folding manual chairs fit perfectly in the suit hanging space in first class. What would it take I wonder to turn that cabinet into a wheelchair store/suit hanging space? Any first class travellers reading - put in a good word for me!

Anyway, this was meant to be the funnies....

After leaving the airport, we went down to get the shuttle to the hotel. We bowled out - the heat was like standing under the heat source  inside the door of a department store.  Trotted up to the shuttle stop (I'd rung the shuttle people in advance, and they'd said I didn't need to book) and confidently requested a shuttle to the hotel. When it arrived, there was no wheelchair lift. I asked about wheelchair access and the guy looked at me and said 'You never told me you were handicapped'.

The Doctor had to grip the handle of my visible shiny wheelchair to stop himself falling over with mirth.

Tuesday night was the welcome buffet. There was shmoozing, and lots and lots of cheese, together with the most expensive booze in the world.  I left The Doctor chatting and flitted badly about in my rental power chair. I got back to the table, while The Doctor was elsewhere and one of the other delegates gave me her business card with her room number on to give to The Doctor so he could go to her room for a beer.

Now that's never happened before.

And finally - the smallest car we could hire. Yes really. Its bigger than my van from home.
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