Tuesday, June 01, 2004

NHS here we come....

Off to the tender mercies of the local respiratory ward for a sleep study tonight. The Doctor is coming with me as of course I don't sleep so well away from home and I might need help. Calling it a sleep study is a bit of an oxymoron really; when asleep at home I rarely get woken on a two hourly basis by someone in a uniform with a sharply focussed pen light.

Its not that I'm ungrateful for the fact they do such a good job of looking after me. I just wish they could do it at home. Along with the two hourly checks I also have the tempting opportunity for an arterial blood sample. I have the opportunity to refuse this on this occasion, and as apparently I'm the hardest person in the area to get blood out of in the venal way according to my GP practice and the local large nationally renowned hospital.

Oh well - I have at least got 'The Corrections' to keep me company. 100 pages to go.
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